Does a low energy future mean a significantly lower population?

We started off by discussing whether or not houses can easily be de-constructed, and which materials would be useful/valuable.

We then discussed what the remaining population would do with those recently de-constructed houses, the materials available, and the land on which they were built.

Next we discussed whether we would see a population growth or decline, and why people would choose to live in one area instead of another, and if that decision might be based on the jobs available.

We asked whether or not the land from the now empty lots would be viable for becoming places where food could be grown. We decided that it would be possible with a lot of work. The real life situation of Cuba was discussed, where they have actually torn down some structures to turn them into small food lots.

The idea came up that many of the materials from the older houses being deconstructed would be used to repair the homes that are still being occupied.

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