End of Life- - - - Wellbeing

Session I 11-1230

Ben Ross


Enroue e.halfkenny@gmail.com

Arron Goode aaron.goode@gmail.com

Fred Cervin fred.cervin@sbcglobal.net


We discussed the connection between the socalled american culture and our visions of the .meaning of death , sickness and dealing with our remains.
* Euthanisa and
medical procedures for very old and very sick ...with little or no chance of recovery;

* Nurse's ....polled and saying cancer was a prefered way to go...allows a chance of adjustment *After bural, as a familyn ritual, the realization 'who's next.

* Invites the question ..."how are we going to live"
instead of media hype/midlife crisus/ choices informed by community and goals of connection.
* Hope is restoritive
* the book Grave Matters brings up the questions of toxic chem's from embalming fluid and
creamation....wood bural offered as alternative.
looking at death and our remains as part of our ecology
* Living Will.....possable

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