Growing a Medicinal Herbal Garden

Convener: Marion Gehlker (
Shula Weinstein: ebenross@yahoo, Catherine Brockshaw:
Gaianne Jenkins: , Bernard Brennan:

We discussed various (wild) herbal plants that can be used for medicinal purposes:
St. John's Wart, mugwart, valerian, skull-cap, echinecea, comfry, rose-hip, lemon balm, camomile, peppermint, garlic, ginger, jewel weed (for poison oak), hot spices etc.
and their effects, such as anti-psychotic, anti-depressive, sedative etc.

We have anecdotal knowledge but need to consolidate it,
find an expert who could do a presentation on medicinal herbs grown locally.
Interestingly, a lot of the herbs we discussed seem to be regarded as weeds, or at least easily proliferate

- how to find plants, grow them (unlike veggies that may have to be stressed to produce better fruit), use them
- is there a difference between medicinal vs. culinary herbs, e.g. garlic, parsley, thyme, oregano etc.

Suggested readings:
Back to Eden (by a Vermont doctor)
Penelope Ody: The Complete Medicinal Herbal
Tammy Hartung: Growing 101 Herbs That Heal
The Complete Home Healer

Other suggestions welcome., with links to herbal resources, events: herb fest, rosmary roast,
herb fest June 5, 2010

Action items:
consolidate knowledge, organize skill-share/presentation, book club/suggested readings,
create experimental medicinal herbal garden:
possible locations: UU, Commond Ground (Joe said it's in the making),
community gardens/NH Land Trust (Maria T. said she is not aware of any but perhaps the Latino community has such gardens)

contact people and/or places:
natural food stores:
Edge of the Woods, Thyme & Season, Foodworks
Justin (Two Coyotes)
Zack (He did a presentation on mushrooms; Meg has his address)

Gateway Community College, Southern, Yale: Rudd Center, Divinity School, Sustainable Farm

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