Biking For Personal and Community Well-Being (& Fun)

Convener: Aaron Goode,

Participants: Roger Uihlein, Maria Pinango, Bernard Brennan, Sara K., Ethan D., Randy D., Marion Gehlker

Questions raised: How do we get more people to become riders? (Carrot and stick approach of eliminating obstacles as well as providing incentives). How do we encourage commuting to work and school? (Addressing safety issues, neighborhood schools, making transportation inter-modal). What are some of the positive developments in our bioregion with respect to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure? (Elm City Cycling advocacy work at city and state level, SeeClickFix, New Haven's Department of Transportation initiatives to add bike lanes, sharrows, traffic-calming devices, etc.). What are areas that need improvement? (Linking bike infrastructure together to create safe routes, selective enforcement of laws). What are ways that we can limit the expense of bicycling through collaboration and mutual aid? (New Haven Bike Collective, bike-sharing).

Useful links:
Elm City Cycling
New Haven Bike Collective
Bike Walk CT (formerly Central CT Bicycle Alliance)
Yale Transportation Options
City of New Haven Dept. of Transportation "Bike New Haven" website
Google Maps Bike Directions
National Bike Month 2010

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