As the Global Economy Fails, How do we Address a Resurgance of Hate Crimes?

Session: 2

Convener: Zaac

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Lists of participants: Zaac, Sara, Randy, Shelia; later: Jaz, Ethan, Lynne, Maria, Joe, Jim

Discussion and Recommendations:

1. A brief note of the topics and how they relate:

Hate Crimes and the Economy

In Germany, prior to holocaust, there was a massive economic deline. The KKKs rose during the early twentieth century with the falling economy. what is the correlation between large scale economys falling and hate groups rising?

2. A description of your discussiongs conclusions and recommendations

Discussed going in to tutrle shells to deal with fear during an economic deline to hide from hate groups. Fear spread during McCarthy era worked to isolate people under the label communists. Rather than hiding could we take proactive measures to make sure that hate crimes do not happen?

Blackwater is currently being paid by US to build massive private prisons.

Sophisticated societies and individuals can commit hate crimes on a societal level: Germany prior to WW2 was known for having the highest developed arts. the KKK image we have is media distorted and was made up of many prominant, respected, and even intelligant memebers of society.

Getting the Message out. billboards. working against the corporate voice. When the Middle class is threatened by unemployment it gets angry as the immigrants taking their jobs, not the larger scale policies on which their identities are based. There are ingroups and outgroups. Who is in your in your group? Who do you identify with? Is your job, electricity, fast food, or your car more important to you than allowing the individuals already living in your neighborhood to feel safe? Do your neighbors feel the same?

Alternative vs Oppositional. What economys( and lifestyles food resources choices) do not address or even permit hate crimes? What economy can we form that opposes hate crimes, allowing the inevitable collapse and minimizing the fear that enables hate crimes to be ok.

NY state has prison statistics and dwb(driving while black) implys the default police force is already a negative force. There was an event in westville where leafs were being raked by other people of color who lived down the street. The owner of the house had to leave and on return found a immaculate lawn with a police car interogating the person who just raked the leaves because the neighbor called the police. Arrest was averted here - how many stories like this do we NOT hear about?

Policing policys. In Turkey on buses the community members enforce bus fares which are collected in the center of the bus, not by the bus driver. Some soldiers may be good people, prominant members of society, but then go to poor areas of Iraq to kill woman and children.

The KKK was a self identified love group, working for the love of America and Americans, and and much of the time only meant to scare people in to behaving appropriately. Slippery slope to police anyone, or hire specialized police. could we empower ourselves to be responcible citizens and stand up to unruly neighbors, attempted police arrests, a raid?

Deescalating a violent upsurrgance of hate crimes and raids is important.

3. Action items

empower selves. book references.

4. Links or contacts relevant to the above:

The Authoritarians. a free online book that discusses the psycology of submitting personal authority and applying aggression to those lower on the social hierarchy.

For Your Own Good by Alice Miller. a book discussing the childrens upbrining leading up to the German Nazi era.

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. a book discussing the chicago schools milton freidman ideologies of disaster capitalism and links to various world government policies.

Non Violent Communication by Marshal Rosenburg. Guidebook to non violent communication to establish healthy communication

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