How can we raise capital to start local enterprises

Session III; Room 1

Convener: Fred Cervin;

Alan Brison, Richard Thomas, Justin Pegnataro, Fred Cervin, Randy Inway, Jonathon Parizer, Jaz Lin, Doug Peterson

Credit is hard to come by in the present economic climate and may become even more scarce in future. Our ability to cope in an energy deprived future may require that we ramp up many new productive enterprises locally as globalization unwinds. Startup costs will need to be borne by those who live in this area.

A number of suggestions were made for how this might be done. If a business is viable because it provides something people really need and want. Question: What are our real, basic needs? E.g., water, shelter, food, clothing, etc. Rainwater recovery systems in case the water company lapses. We will have forms of wealth other than money after collapse, which we might share as a kind of capital.

Hard to get credit if you have no track record. Community supported business similar to community supported agriculture. Encourage` local lending by local banks. Coop banks = credit unions. There are investment companies that invest in local enterprises, especially nonprofits.

Capital may become less important in the future.

"Primary productivity" is that which comes from the sunlight and soil of a particular area. We need to live on this current natural income. At present cities may use many times as much.

Outside lenders might be interested on the basis of local collateral not in use, such as streets after we run out of gas.

When the current system ends, people will organize themselves to take care of business.

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