How to form an ongoing local economy & livelihood action group

Session III: 2:30-4:00

Convener: Terry

How to form an ongoing local economy & livelihood action group

Including smallmart revolution, local business thriving, local economy to realize self as viable entity

The other two subtopics are important aspects of this

Convener: Claudette

With the local economy, how can we support a local infrastructure?

Take wealth-creation out of the tax system

What are the consequences?

How does a local, place-based system pick up the slack?

Social services: education, welfare

Convener: Adam

Follow-up of Session I: concept of alternative currencies

Application, action items

Working group


Terry, Jen, Kimberly, Claudette, Adam, Dick, Patty, Bernard, Roger, Adam W., Joe L., Domingo

Discussion & Recommendations

- What are assumptions behind strengthening a local economy

- We are a specialized society

- Goods & services that we don’t generate, we get elsewhere with money

- If we cannot provide the most basic services/goods, what are the implications

- We don’t provide for our own basic needs

- Having an awareness of the limits of our local economy

- We can bring external resources in & provide goods/services in exchange

- Establish links between needs & ways to meet those needs

- One group looking at our needs

o Food, energy, health, transportation, housing, currency/economy

- What is the structure in which these groups can exist?

- Competitive government agencies that accept community currencies

- Alternative currencies: any information form that facilitates exchange of goods & services, the environment, our health, our communities, public resources

- What is real wealth? We are deeply confused about wealth & money

- Gross National Happiness vs. Gross National Product

- Conceptual problems: war is peace

- We are so dependent on money & oil, we are highly vulnerable until we provide for our own needs, generating our own goods & services

- We know that the system is doomed, but we’re in denial

- Increase media presence of our projects

Alternative Currency Action Group: Adam, Terry, Patty, Claudette

- The group turned to discussing decriminalizing recreational marijuana as a way to keep local resources from flowing out of the community. The best paying cash crop in the US since the 60s.

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